Reasons Why Women Have to Work After Marriage

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Conventional people generally assume that the world of marriage will not get along well with career paths. Although senior people always stick to such a perception, modern cultures have brought a quite drastic change in how people perceive career and marriage. Today’s people often compare those women who prefer to go back to work after having kids and those who opt to stay at home to be a full-time mother and housewife. Indeed, nothing is wrong with such choices. However, people seem to make it problematic and complicated by stating that the workforce and public domain should always belong to men.

Those who feel the urge to go back to work have pretty good reasons, and this article breaks down all the possible reasons. If you are one of those married women who have a hard time deciding whether or not you need to get a job, you need to keep on reading as this article covers your concern as a whole human being.

Happier Marriage

It seems obvious these days that working wives and husbands have a higher chance to have a happier relationship. One reason relates to the field of economy, implying that a stable financial condition can lead to a happy marriage. Remember that financial matters are still the number one reason why divorce never seems to stop. Thus, those who are open-minded enough to appreciate working mothers are more likely to end up happier in their marriage. Apart from that, psychologists also highlight the importance of having a vibrant life outside the house. This way, women have more chance to actualize themselves.

Financially Independent

Feminists all over the globe have repeatedly addressed domestic issues in households that arise from women’s failure to be financially independent. Such scenarios often lead to another problem, especially when the husbands decide to abandon them. Without a secure job, women cannot stand against injustice, but rather be part of it without having the courage to stop it.

Traditional people often accuse such a way of thinking as the cause of high divorce rates. However, let us then look at the existing examples of successful mothers. One of the most famous examples is trisha yearwood best of both worlds, where she manages to balance the two worlds in her life. It includes her life as a stepmother and her life as a professional career woman. In short, balancing both private and public domain for women is very likely despite what people assume.