Steps Of Hiring A Funeral Director

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Having to organize a funeral more especially of a loved one, family member, friend or relative can be a very daunting task. This is because at this moment and time the feeling of sadness and the emotional stress that one has can hinder them from making an objective judgment. Hiring a funeral director will in most cases make the situation a little bit more bearable because they will take up the entire responsibilities of planning for that particular funeral.

Let us highlight a few pointers that will help an individual or family in the process of hiring funeral director:

Decision making

yes noThis responsibility of decision making is a preserve of the next of kin to the deceased. Thus, it is not exceptional for them to undertake the responsibility of choosing a funeral director who will execute the entire planning process of these events. If you have been in a funeral that has used such services before getting in contact with the relative of the deceased and solicit for some advice. Because of time constraints if a good lead or idea comes up take it. Arrange a meeting with the prospective funeral director, have a discussion of what is expected from either side and if you are in agreement, sign a contract.

Funeral director governing bodies

One of the most important steps to take when choosing a funeral director is to search, check and ascertain that they are registered members of a good professional body. This can either be NAFD or SAIF. It is paramount to do this since those funeral directors that belong to this professional organizations have to meet certain industry specific standards. This will ensure that they will deliver to their best because the associations have an established procedure that one can complain through if they don’t receive the services they anticipated.


It is everybody’s wish that they accord their loved ones a perfect and honorable send-off. Unfortunately, not every individual has the capability to finance such ceremonies. Thus, the price is usually a big determining factor when selecting a funeral director. The price that one is charged will also depend on the services that they anticipate their director will offer. Therefore one is advised to go for a director that they can comfortably afford.

Payment plan

money flying from caseWhen selecting a funeral director, it is good to establish the payment plan that they offer. In many cases most, of these professionals expect the clients to cover all the optional expenses and disbursement costs up front. But they are those that can allow one to pay at a later date. Thus before you make a decision on what funeral director to engage, you should consider the one who offers a payment plan that is convenient and affordable to you.

Pre-funeral arrangement plans

It is usually a good idea for one to consult with the bereaved family if there is a pre-arranged funeral plan. In the case that there is one in existence, then one is spared the agony of having to look around for a funeral director. The plan must have clearly given guidelines on which funeral director selected to run the funeral ceremony.

The above are among the many steps that should be put into consideration when one is in the process of choosing a funeral director.